About the Book

“Impressionistic and engaging … Fankhauser boldly offers new wisdom.”
– Bromleigh McCleneghan, pastor and author of Good Christian Sex

Shameless has been called Blue Like Jazz meets The Purity Myth.

Author Dani Fankhauser grew up as an evangelical Christian, enthusiastic about her faith-based decision to wait until marriage for sex.

When she was 26, she changed her mind. But she had a lot to learn…

This is her story.

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Reviews of Shameless

“I simply couldn’t put it down. Even though my own life experiences are fairly different, I could identify with so much of the narrative. The honesty was refreshing, and more than anything feel like I gained a lot of insights into myself.”

“Visual, engaging, and honest, this is a book I wasn’t able to put down. I flew through its pages in a mere hour. This book is truly for anyone, not just evangelical Christians with a sexual chip on their shoulders. It’s about self-discovery, youth, and above all else… love. That’s something we all can relate to!”

“I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to expand their ways of thinking, wanting to understand themselves better…be kinder to themselves. But I warn you…you likely won’t be able to do anything else for a few hours once you start. YES. It’s that addictive!”

“It was such a delightful read. Very light-hearted and made you take a trip down your own memory lane. So you won’t regret putting down that Netflix remote and pick this one up. A definite recommended read for one of those lazy days at home with a glass or two of wine.”

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