The 10 People You Should Have Sex With Before You Get Married

When I decided to stop waiting until I was married to have sex, at age 26, I was faced with a question: If not only my future husband, who should I have sex with? Where do I draw the line, when I don’t have a black-and-white rule that’s wrapped up in a legal process?

It’s a question everyone has to answer, no matter their background or morals. I’ve learned that relying on external rules and advice only goes so far in protecting you, and to experience true intimacy, you have to experiment to find out what you like and don’t like, and what is right for you. Personally, I didn’t know how to recognize a good partner until I dated and slept with a few bad ones. Continue reading “The 10 People You Should Have Sex With Before You Get Married”

These Jesus Videos Are Peak Christian Nostalgia

When I was attending Christian college, it was a pretty common occurrence to huddle around a hallmate’s laptop to watch funny video online.

jesus video parody

On holiday breaks, I’d catch up with friends who went to other Christian colleges and come back to school with knowledge of more funny videos to share.

This was true of a series of parodies made by dubbing audio narration on top of movie clips about Jesus. Continue reading “These Jesus Videos Are Peak Christian Nostalgia”

3 Worst Lies I Heard at Christian Weddings

Over the years, I’ve been to a good number of Christian weddings. This first started in high school, when the girls at church who were older than me started getting married in their early 20s. Then I finished college, and my friends in serious relationships tied the knot. Then, in my late 20s, there was a second wind of weddings for former roommates from my Christian college.

It’s possible I have fewer close friends who are not Christian, or my non-Christian friends are less likely to get married, but I haven’t been to as many non-Christian weddings.

Continue reading “3 Worst Lies I Heard at Christian Weddings”