These Jesus Videos Are Peak Christian Nostalgia

When I was attending Christian college, it was a pretty common occurrence to huddle around a hallmate’s laptop to watch funny video online.

jesus video parody

On holiday breaks, I’d catch up with friends who went to other Christian colleges and come back to school with knowledge of more funny videos to share.

This was true of a series of parodies made by dubbing audio narration on top of movie clips about Jesus.

The first time I watched these videos, I was bent over laughing and crying and had to watch them several times. One of my hallmates laughed along with us the first time, but later left the room when we’d watch because she felt uncomfortable seeing God with a weird voice.

I get that tension. But it comes back to who God is: a powerful being who will cause harm if you step outside of the lines, or someone who meets you where you are (and … understands humor).

Even songs like Mumford & Sons’ Broken Crown are appealing to me as a Christian because even if the lyrics sound critical or even hateful towards the Christian faith, they’re still questioning and peeling open the onion of the varied spiritual experiences humans have — and that will always be holy to me.

The Jesus videos were actually made by a North Carolina church to challenge preconceived notions of God. When you watch the videos, you see they actually capture outside perceptions of who God and/or Jesus is — judgmental and waiting for you to screw up. The rules — that Christians should be happy all the time — still appear to be in effect in many churches.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the videos posted on YouTube — more than ten years later, they are still hilarious.

1. Hide-and-Seek

2. Church Rules

3. Everything You’ve Done Wrong

4. Palm Sunday

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